‘Mad Dog Brewing Co Ltd’ – small-scale; big taste.

Meeting the brewer that wants to brew as a profession here in South Wales.

Deep in Monmouthshire in a small industrial estate in a garage-sized unit the smell of hops and wort hit you, although hard to find and hidden away, you can just follow your nose…

Alexis’ new company Mad Dog Brewing Co was originally run from the kitchen at his home in Croesyceiliog but he soon moved to a unit on Springvale Industrial Estate where his craft had the space to blossom.

Alexis Jones of the one man microbrewery ‘Mad Dog’ started homebrewing 6 years ago after watching some videos on Youtube. He says of this that he “just started brewing extract kits before going on to brew with grains. After a short time doing this I decided I wanted a career change and became a pro brewer.”

‘Alexis and his brew kit’ Pic: Nathan Llewellyn

Alexis went on to complete a microbiology course at Brewlab in Sunderland before joining the Celt Experience as a brewer. From there he decided to start up ‘Mad Dog Brewing Co’, brewing from my kitchen at home.

Alexis had no funding to get started so the brewery has gradually been built from up from nothing at all. Mad Dog was started in Oct 2014.

He moved into a new premises in March 2015 after all of his beers being a success, Mad dog brewing co has been granted the finance from Finance Wales to expand the brewery from a simple 100 litre kit to a full 6bbl plant with a relocation of brewery to Cwmbran with more space in which to operate his craft.

On Wales Alexis says that he simply “started up here because it’s the place where I live and the place I love. Wales has a lot to offer to the outside world. Beer being a big one”.

Alexis is growing his craft and increasing his trade to bigger and better things without losing those small touches that keep microbrewing a craft. He recently took Mad Dog to its first outdoor bar event at Alfie’s Beer Bus Launch Party at The Printhaus in Cardiff and has been trading his bottles at craft ale festivals in Cardiff, London and Birmingham.


The Beer Brewery Scene has expanded massively since 2002.

More and more bars in Wales and England are looking at stocking his beers and he’s also in the process of moving to a bigger surrounding to brew. It’s come a long way from a setup in his kitchen and it is clear that with the demand for local craft beer with locally sourced ingredients that this enterprise will continue to grow.

Alexis 2
‘the finished product’ Pic: Nathan Llewellyn

Mad Dog Brewing on Social Media

For the latest news on availability and his plans keep an eye on the Mad Dog Brewing social media sites:

Follow Mad Dog Brewing on Twitter at @MadDogBrewCo
Like Mad Dog Brewing on Facebook at Facebook.com/maddog.brewco
Visit the Mad Dog Brewing website at www.maddogbrewco.co.uk

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